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the flirt + the engineer + goodnight moon = love . Yoakum, TX photographer

they were just doing what 18 month olds do, navigating their way with trucks, bubbles, and balls. 
but even then . . .
. . . even in the fun of it all, I got to see such clear glimpses into their later lives . . .

in their mother's own words, 

Blake is the flirt
and Brody, the engineer.
while taking these things in, I couldn't help but wonder two things: 

I wondered if the boys' mama feels time fleeting yet?  or are their diapers, their endless energy, and her constant chasing getting in the way?  or maybe she is "right there" knowing that kindergarten is creeping up way too fast . . . 

can she already see her flirt charming his teacher?
and her little engineer thinking about how to put together an entire community of legos?
I just can't remember when it set in [for me] that babies  really do grow up.

and finally, I wondered as her own mama completely rocked the grandmother role and helped me capture some smiling boys . . . was grandma thinking about her own children?, about their different personalities and their grown up lives? about how they became adults and are in now in charge of other people? does it feel like they were just small children?
here is what I DO know. no growing up blog should be written during the first week that your oldest son goes to kindergarten. note to self. emotions run high.  ; )

tammy, I always love being with your family! may you relish in the day to day, hang on in the fleeting, and stay encouraged when finding the balance!! cheers to the miracle boys once again!

let's do this y'all, 


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