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a natural . yoakum, tx photographer

any chance you remember that old shenandoah song, "she's a natural"?
i'm going to guess no. the song is not well known and if you didn't love country music in the 80s and 90s, you just may have missed it. 

the song, in picture form, is allyson. and it goes like this.
the actual words are, 

"she's a beauty. the kind of beauty makeup can't create.
cause it starts within her heart and flows throughout her soul
with a genuine reflection on her face . . ."

the song isn't about her surface looks and we'll get to that in a sec, but speaking of surface looks . . .

she's not wearing a stitch of makeup, y'all. 
ok. mascara. and lip gloss that her mama reminded her to put on at the last minute. 
but, hand-over-my-heart, shut-the-front-door, no-i'm-not-kidding, that's it.

and i don't think she has a clue what a beauty she is.
most comfortable in her shorts and loafers, she's drama-free and she's as laid-back as they come...maybe a little stubborn, in her own words. kids adore her (yes, mine too!) which makes sense because one day, she might want to be a pediatric nurse. good thing she loves to read!
whatever she ends up doing, her easy nature, kind heart, and that smile will serve her well!
allyson, you are a true beauty . . . and i'm proud to S H O U T it with you this year! 

let's do this y'all, 


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