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he is named . . . TX photographer

Noah  . . . 

"Noah Amsler Beckham---born August 3rd, 2011. We chose the name Noah because in Genesis 6 it says that although the world was going through a very dark time, Noah "walked with God." That is our prayer for our son. Diane discovered the the name Noah actually means "comfort." God has brought comfort to Diane and I in our efforts to have a child, and comfort to my Mom in her sadness since the loss of my sweet sister Sara. Praise God for His faithfulness & comfort!!"

And I had the pleasure of meeting him when he was eight, brand new days old.

don't newborns take your breath away?
every inch of their tiny-ness makes you realize there is something so much bigger.
. . . a Creator beyond compare.

who makes mamas . . .

 and daddies. . . 
out of ordinary people.
and the entire experience becomes extraordinary.

Welcome, little Noah. We're so very glad you are here.
Diane and Grant-We were honored to get to meet your boy and introduce you to our babies.

Thank you.

let's do this y'all . . .


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