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focus. shout. first up{!}. lake jackson, tx photographer

focus is a good thing. 

to make a long story short: 
i wasn't focused.  now i am.  seniors, let's do this.

i've launched SHOUT specifically for graduating seniors this year; i couldn't be more excited about this project! i just designed and ordered cards to advertise SHOUT and when they get into my hot little hands, i'm showing them off here!

until then, may i introduce to you the f i r s t face of  SHOUT.2012


{no really. she's a percussionist and it would just be really cool if i could insert a live drumroll. pretend with me. that's it...bang on your desk...}

meet m a r g a r e t 
i know. say it with me, aaaahhhh. she's simply gorgeous. and behind all that beauty is serious talent. 

my goal in shooting is "soulful stories of you." margaret's story begins and end with music. she's the real deal, y'all, and we did everything we could to show that off. i won't lie. i was a little intimidated by the marimba. i'd never worked with a marimba before. but margaret, with her charm and sass, made it easy. 

did i mention the piano? because she plays that too. 

we ended the session at her home. i am so in love with how natural and how poised she was in these pictures.

margaret, you are amazing and your future will be too! dance off into your senior sunset, girl. we're cheering you on!  you can see the rest of your gallery H E R E.

stay tuned for more SHOUT . 2012
let's do this, y'all, 



small towns, chips, and beautiful people . yoakum tx photographer

Michael and I have lived in a lot of places in the time we’ve been married, and have compared city life versus small town living often. At the end of the day, we prefer what happens in a small town...walk into a restaurant, store, or the post office and know the people inside. Know their families, know their story, know what they grow in their garden. (they’ve  shared!) There’s something about community that will win that comparison for us every time. 
So, we were intrigued one week when we went out for lunch and noticed an adorable couple with adorable children and we had never seen them before. Now, I am somewhat of an “out of towner,” not having been raised here like Michael so I asked him if he knew them or went to school with them--I didn’t mean to stare but seriously, they are just a good looking family, y’all! When he said no, I thought, well then they must be here for “the wedding”.
A while back you met another couple, Kayla and Riley. This was finally the weekend they were getting married and just as I surmised, good looks run in the family...that adorable family happened to be related to the groom. Had I known I was going to photograph them a few days later, I would have lamented the fact that I had no make up on and was stuffing my face with a turkey sandwich and jalapeno chips. 
: )
After one of the most gorgeous weddings I’ve attended, I had the privilege of meeting all of the groom’s family the day after for group pictures. They were such troopers and were a pleasure to be around. In honor of everyone that was there (from a few different states), I thought I’d share a picture of the family that caught our attention just a few days before.
I told you.  Simply gorgeous.
Thank you to the entire Boening family--I loved meeting all of you!!
Let’s do this y’all,