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the gorgeous couple . loyal doves . funny family [West Columbia, TX photographer]

a garage transformed to
this . . .

a lovely backyard gazebo turned into one of the most beautiful wedding venues I've seen...
[rentals from Performance Party]
[flowers by the flower cottage]

and two very kind people became one . . .
[just love how he's looking at her]
they were surrounded by their families for this special day and had so many beautiful moments during their ceremony. not to be outdone by the bride and groom, the doves that were released decided they rather liked their caretakers. their "stick around plan" worked. they've officially been adopted.
and did i mention funny family?  . . .

Barbara and James, the details of this day were stunning! Your family is just precious. Thank you for letting us be a part of your beautiful day. We were honored!

let's do this y'all, 



heroes... victoria, TX photographer

Just this morning, I overheard my son and his cousin (two boys-exactly the same age) talking about Jesus in supreme superhero fashion. Something like... He’s got ALL the power and can take down giants that are bigger than the whole world!!! Little iffy on their history...right on in boyology.

I love boys.
And I love their design.
Just like my baby girl can’t help but feed and take care of her babies, these boys can’t help but want to save the day.
[now don’t go get crazy on me...there is not an underlying women message here saying women should only raise babies, etc. the only thing i’m saying is this:
simply that, at our most basic, women nurture and men conquer].
So I couldn’t help but LOVE the conversation I had with another boy.
Young man, rather. 
Whose nurturing mother sat near but quietly, letting her son speak about his dreams.
He wants to be in the investigative department of the FBI. Because, at the end of the day y'all, he wants to commit his life to help get rid of the bad guys. 
The only problem? 

He's adorable. 

And he smiles like this...

But he IS well armed. ; )
Sam--it was a pleasure to get to know you better. I am thankful and hopeful that there are more young men like you who long for "right."
We're all excited to see where this life takes you. I can think of one person in particular...
We believe in you--tell your story, buddy.  

No, S H O U T it! 

Let's do this y'all, 


can't wait to introduce you... shiner, tx photographer

when I asked him what inspires him, he said a few things 

and then he said, his mama...
and if i wasn't already a fan, i'd be sold right there. 
i am praying that we are raising our boys {and our girl} in such a way that they credit their mama and daddy for giving them hope...inspiration. what a gift. 

i'm not sure how i'm getting to work with the most amazing young men and women in this whole SHOUT project, but i am. they are sincere, driven, talented, respectful, creative. 
and Colter is absolutely an example. 
he's dang funny too. 

and i couldn't adore his family more!

these pictures are special to me because they show who he is AND where he is. 
he {and i!} are partial to south Texas and these settings shout what he loves. 
meet my {fighting Texas Aggie bound} friend, Colter...
{warning ladies. adorable young man ahead ; ) }
look at that smile. cannot wait to see all the places it takes him. 

let's do this, y'all,