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Beautiful Couple-Engagements

Meet this beautiful lady and her handsome fiance!  

After getting reacquainted with downtown Houston, I found these two near Tranquility Park! We started the day there and finished that evening in downtown Conroe. It was a great day and Gary was such a trooper! Gentlemen, can you imagine? Not just one session but two-in one day?! Thanks Anna and Gary--Here is a little of what is coming your way! (Isn't Anna just beautiful?!)

Nothin' but fun with the Holts!

I can't tell you how many times I laughed out loud with this group!  We had a lot of pictures to take but with the help of amazing stylist and picture coordinator ;), everything went smoothly!  
What a lovely, funny, beautiful family!  I was honored to take these pictures-

I love this!

I love that this class just celebrated their 50th reunion and that I was invited to record it!  The class of 1960 sure looks good!



Love those babies

I sure love babies.  Had three of my own, back to back to back.  Isn't it stuning how these little tiny creatures affect us in such big, amazing, ways?!


There is nothing so sweet as seeing families grow, seeing families define themselves, and seeing families' unique dynamic!  I had the pleasure of doing just that in each of these!