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That boy-kind-of-joy... Aubrey, TX Gonzales, TX photographer

Just tonight, with the Texans game on in the background, my boys were playing football. Or, “...practicing tackling so we can get way better. Right West?” Their league rules were something like:
  1. Hold the couch pillow “ball” and run as fast as you can into eachother’s stomachs. Grab hold of whatever you can and tackle until both of you are sprawled on the floor and laughing hysterically.
  2. Be sure to tackle dramatically. Grunt a little. Enough to make your mother and sister glad they are not boys.
  3. Occasionally check the score of the Texans game.
  4. Repeat.
Marveling at why this was fun, I was secretly so glad they have eachother. So glad that they’ll grunt, run, and knock into one another with that boy kind of joy in their eyes, Lord willing, for years to come. 

I think Natalie must know exactly what I’m talking about. Maybe even more with three handsome, little men in her midst.
You met this gorgeous lady about seven months ago when I had the privilege of photographing her third baby boy. 

Speaking of, check out this rock star. 

He and I were getting reacquainted...
when his brother showed up. Not even mildly impressed with me {exhibit a}, his brother had him in fits {exhibit b}. 
And again...

Just as it should be. 
Many years from now, even though they’re not all smiling at the camera, I’m guessing mama will love these pictures the most. Her boys. Loving with that boy kind of joy.

Thanks again, Natalie. Can't wait for more later this fall.

P.S. if you need a girl break, just let me and my baby girl know.

Let's do this y'all,