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Seeing past 18...

I can't see past five.  Do children grow up past that age?  My three haven't yet, so it's hard for me to believe there will be a time without diapers, without "I want to hold you," and without, "Mama, will you stay with me forever?"  All of which are recent things from the mouths of my babes.
I absolutely love watching a mama look at her grown child, taking senior portraits.  There has to be so many things going through her head...
I had just that pleasure last week when I met Luke Tyler and his Mama, Jennifer!

Luke is a polite, hard-working, graduating senior-The Tyler family [who definitely can see past 18] has every reason to be proud!

Check out the rest of Luke's GALLERY on my website.

Luke and Jennifer, Thank you for such a great afternoon!

Let's do this y'all,



Now this is soulful...

Have I mentioned that my husband is hot? And I could mean temperature, [the man sleeps with a fan next to his head], but make no mistake. I’m definitely referring to his looks. Call it vain, earthly, whatever. But if you do, I guarantee you haven’t seen him plugged in, pounding keys, or seated just inches behind a microphone. Smokin’. Gets me every time. So my stomach may have done that turny-twisty-squeamy-I-totally-dig-him-thingy a few million times when he and his new band, the Poor Kings, opened up for a show at the Panhandle House
First let me introduce you to a few creatives...some of our best friends in the world own a studio in Denton, TX...the Panhandle House. Even from when we were engaged, we watched Erik and my girl, Jill, and their brother Marc, build a gorgeous boutique studio that has hosted clients like Don Henley, Eli Young Band, and Denton's own, The Hope TrustPat Green may or may not have visited last week. And recently, they opened up their “garage,” for the studio’s first house show, featuring the folk duo, Bill and Kate Isles.  Just look at this place...
and the Poor Kings... Mike Marshall . Ben Holt . Michael Armstrong . Brian Casey [not pictured]... were invited to open that evening.
The word soulful is a big deal for me lately and I use it as a standard of measurement.  Someone soulful is authentic-very aware of his/her gifts and when he/she uses them, it feels good, sounds good, makes you feel something deeply. The Poor Kings are soulful. Mike Marshall . frontman . is among my most favorite singer/songwriters. He's a genius storyteller. You got it...a soulful storyteller with a voice that matches. And together, their sound is ruling my world right now.
This live show was recorded and is in production.  Until it's out, listen to my favorite tune HERE.
In fact, like them on FACEBOOK and you'll be the first to know when you can hear everything.  Ok, let's be honest. I'll be first. Because I'm so with the band. Official photographer and all... ;)
But you will be a close second.  'Til then, enjoy...

Let's do this y'all,