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lots of ladies surrounding this man...

Michael and I have a routine...
I call him immediately after a session because, well, I like him :)  And he is always really interested in how everything went.  [Babe-if you're not, you are a great faker! Thanks.]
We have a little routine..."[j] I'm done!" "[m] How are your pictures?"
At this point, there are a million different ways I answer.  This time though, it was...
"[j] I have no idea, but we could totally hang out with this family!"

I am a big fan of the Reyes'!

I think we actually have a lot in common including having
3 babies who are close in age. 
And aren't theirs just beauties??!!

I fell in love instantly and adored watching them be 'girls'.

And this is one daddy who's got it handled!  You should have seen this [very manly] dad fix a headband or two... :)

We've lived in LJ for about 6 months now--I love that photography is allowing me to meet such amazing people here.  Thanks Lester and Ashley...so much fun!!  [y'all want to hang out? ;) ]

Let's do this y'all...jen

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  1. I really love the emotion of the last photo. What a beautiful family session!!