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It's that time of year...

Narrowing down what I’m thankful for and listing it off isn’t possible.  Just isn’t.  This year has been absolutely unbelievable in its’ challenges, its’ gifts, and in the overwhelming support through each circumstance!
So...it may take another year, but I am just going to have to tell you about the many pieces to this thankfulness puzzle, one at a time!
One of the greatest things about this new career is that I am able to do it wherever we go.  I am thankful that photography “travels” right along with my family.  A week or two back, we spent 6 days in Yoakum and I was able to photograph so many of our friends.  The best part was that we met in the same pasture that Me Ra drove through last year to announce the SOAR! scholarship. [by the way, SOAR! applications are being accepted starting TODAY!!!]  Believe that I thought of that every time I looked through the lens to that golden grass. Speaking of that grass, it belongs to my in-laws and I’m thankful for their support...for their willingness to give whatever they have if it helps our family.
Now meet a few other families from that great, little town.

a little camera-shy cutie...

but she was just waiting for the right time...

To the Wagners, the Jacobs, the Svecs, and the Byrnes, thank you so much for letting me spend some time with your families!!
To all of you, have an amazing Thanksgiving holiday.  I pray you rest well!
Let’s do this, y’all...

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  1. LOVE seeing your watermark on these.
    And I just LOVE the 3rd picture down - you are capturing soulful moments indeed.