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check my temperature...

It's official. 

It's the sweetest smell.  You put your face near and can just kind of drink it in-

And no matter how many times you've experienced this, the delicate, "tiny-ness" makes you hold your breath. Phrases starting with, "Oh my gosh, I've forgotten how small..." escape your mouth as you examine fingers, tummies, and toes.

You snuggle that petite bundle in your arms

and marvel at how such a small gift, so fresh from God, can alter two people forever.

Yep, I officially have baby fever.  Or could you tell...

[thank you to the Goode family for sharing precious Haddon!]


  1. Very sweet Jen. Just perfect. I love the hair shot on top.

  2. Ohhhhhh, I LOVE the last one especially! Please, please, please shoot our baby in July!

  3. I LOVE the 5th b/w photo Jen!! OMG, I JUST LOVE IT!!! Girl, you are KICKING it on this blog!! So proud of you!!

    Love you like crazy!