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wedding bells...

are ringing around these parts...

Memory cards are cleared, batteries are charged, and bags are getting packed.
Our first wedding of the season is on Friday in San Antonio/New Braunfels!  And my man is shooting with me.

I love that man.

And my new friend, Lisa is shooting with us too!  This is going to be a great weekend.

And if that wasn't enough...  [wait for it] ...

did I mention that there is a Taco Bueno in New Braunfels?!!!
Yes, I am saying a bazillion calorie, #3- muchaco and mexi dips and chips is going to be my pre-wedding meal.  Believe it.

Until that beautiful muchaco hits my mouth...no, no, no.  Until that beautiful wedding date arrives, I'll show you a tiny project I worked on last night for another friend's wedding.  These signs will be like license plates on two little wagons that will carry her ring bearers [twins].  So sweet.

Let's do this y'all,


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