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all good things begin with coffee . . . Denton, TX . Cuero, TX . photographer

if I had a picture of coffee, I'd start this blog with that picture--because some of the best relationships happen over a cup of the good stuff. so funny how things work out . . .

my husband and I were driving into Denton (our old stomping grounds) from south Texas (where we had lived for 5 years). we were considering a move back north. about 20 min out of Denton, I received a call from a prospective client . . . a bride from our area in south Texas but currently living in Denton. wild, right?

what was even more wild is that she and her fiance, agreed to meet me and my second shooter (my handsome husband) for coffee, 30 minutes later.

coffee turned into a great afternoon. And several months later, we met back in Ft. Worth for some of this . . .

months after that? we were all back in south Texas celebrating their marriage!

I can't begin to tell you how much I like Sara and Joe and how thankful I am that this was a project {friendship} that involved both me and my husband!

wedding moments are so much sweeter when you know that the couple is extremely hard-working, that they both have HUGE hearts, and that they take care of everyone around them. 

Mr. and Mrs. Nash, we are wishing you the B E S T as you make your new life together. we were honored to be a part of this past year and are celebrating with you as you go! 
we miss you in north Texas--and know that Zera just isn't the same without you. 

let's do this y'all, 


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  1. A beautiful day, for a beautiful couple inside and out.