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4 reasons why I loved being in Goliad, TX . Argyle, TX . Goliad, TX photographer

In celebration... coming soon: Mr. and Mrs. Frels!

I think I've said this a million times. But that's not going to stop me.
I absolutely love that this job allows me to go to unique places and get a glimpse into the lives of great people.

A week ago, I was in south Texas, visiting a Goliad girl and the man who will take her as his bride. 
This was exciting for a lot of reasons. One, {stop me because you've heard this before too}, I love south Texas. Two, A M A Z I N G place for pictures. There is so much texture and so many little pockets everywhere. Three, {nerd alert} history thrills me. Standing in places that were that part of the foundation of this state, where people suffered, fought, and created what would become our Texas, just made our time more significant. Want to read about it here? And four, most importantly, see that sweet couple above?  I've been excited to get to know them a little better as they get a little closer to their wedding!

 To Andy and Dana, may you enjoy your engagement but may you thrive in the marriage that is to come! Thanks for such spending such a great evening with me. Can't wait for more!

Let's do this y'all,


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