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Southern grace

There are a lot of things that I love about sweet Angie...
But mostly I love her grace... an elegant yet simple, thoughtful, old-fashioned  grace that makes her beautiful. The first time we met, she sat in my office and we quickly strayed from wedding talk to really important things like hair-braiding, gardening, and cooking. If it wouldn't have been awkward, I would have made her hang out with me all day and teach me how to crochet right there. But I let her leave, satisfied I would be getting to know her better along the way.

She and Logan's wedding was such a reflection of that same, genuine grace. 

Angie was stunning-
Logan... so handsome-

and together, 
well, it was perfect. 
I'm not sure if I teared up more when her daddy called her, "His best cowgirl," 

Or if it was just watching these two become man and wife. 
The truth is, I was honored to be a part of all of these special moments. Thank you both. Our deepest congratulations, 

Mr. and Mrs. Hollomon


  1. Jen- I love Angie, too! And your photos are amazing. I love reading your posts, because they are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your passion for photography, and life :)

  2. Jen,
    We enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks so Much to you for being an amazing photographer and friend. The photos you captured are so special and fitting. Your attention to detail and energy is only part of what makes your the best photographer. You truly are such a wonderful person and we were so blessed to have you catch all the big moments of our special day!
    Thank you
    Angie and Logan Hollomon

  3. Jen- Your photos are amazing! Found your website through Me Ra Koh's. Hope you post more soon. Question - What kind of camera do you use? Thank, Lee