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Just this morning, I overheard my son and his cousin (two boys-exactly the same age) talking about Jesus in supreme superhero fashion. Something like... He’s got ALL the power and can take down giants that are bigger than the whole world!!! Little iffy on their history...right on in boyology.

I love boys.
And I love their design.
Just like my baby girl can’t help but feed and take care of her babies, these boys can’t help but want to save the day.
[now don’t go get crazy on me...there is not an underlying women message here saying women should only raise babies, etc. the only thing i’m saying is this:
simply that, at our most basic, women nurture and men conquer].
So I couldn’t help but LOVE the conversation I had with another boy.
Young man, rather. 
Whose nurturing mother sat near but quietly, letting her son speak about his dreams.
He wants to be in the investigative department of the FBI. Because, at the end of the day y'all, he wants to commit his life to help get rid of the bad guys. 
The only problem? 

He's adorable. 

And he smiles like this...

But he IS well armed. ; )
Sam--it was a pleasure to get to know you better. I am thankful and hopeful that there are more young men like you who long for "right."
We're all excited to see where this life takes you. I can think of one person in particular...
We believe in you--tell your story, buddy.  

No, S H O U T it! 

Let's do this y'all, 

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