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can't wait to introduce you... shiner, tx photographer

when I asked him what inspires him, he said a few things 

and then he said, his mama...
and if i wasn't already a fan, i'd be sold right there. 
i am praying that we are raising our boys {and our girl} in such a way that they credit their mama and daddy for giving them hope...inspiration. what a gift. 

i'm not sure how i'm getting to work with the most amazing young men and women in this whole SHOUT project, but i am. they are sincere, driven, talented, respectful, creative. 
and Colter is absolutely an example. 
he's dang funny too. 

and i couldn't adore his family more!

these pictures are special to me because they show who he is AND where he is. 
he {and i!} are partial to south Texas and these settings shout what he loves. 
meet my {fighting Texas Aggie bound} friend, Colter...
{warning ladies. adorable young man ahead ; ) }
look at that smile. cannot wait to see all the places it takes him. 

let's do this, y'all, 



  1. These are fantastic Jen! You are so stinking talented! Y O U inspire me. Love love love!

  2. great pics! and....WHOOP!!!