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missing this . Gonzales, TX photographer

oh i miss this . . .

i know that in "this," there are sleepless nights enough to cease normal brain function.
days that run together and slip by almost as if they weren't there.

and afternoons that go shower-less, unscrubbed. 

and if there are other children in the mix, they go un-scrubbed, sometimes undisciplined, too.

i know. i remember. 

i think.
but on my side of sleepless and un-groomed, 
those memories get lost in the admiration of 

tiny wrinkles in a wrist. 
great big yawns and sleepy stretches.

naps so sound, the heavy head outweighs the itty bitty body . . . 

the thing is, though, 
natalie is not un-groomed. in fact, she's gorgeous. did i mention this is her third baby? she wears motherhood beautifully 
and she's only encouraging my missing having a little one . . .

just look at him!

what a pleasure it was to meet you handsome, little, drew. your tearless session, your good looks, your sweet mama, and your precious little face are all responsible for my longing for another you.
now what do you have to say about that? 

let's do this y'all, 


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  1. What a sweet post! It was a wonderful session & you captured such lovely shots of Drew at 11 sleepy days old. And I think you just happened to catch me before the cummulative exhaustion set in...ha. Thanks again. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.