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Seeing past 18...

I can't see past five.  Do children grow up past that age?  My three haven't yet, so it's hard for me to believe there will be a time without diapers, without "I want to hold you," and without, "Mama, will you stay with me forever?"  All of which are recent things from the mouths of my babes.
I absolutely love watching a mama look at her grown child, taking senior portraits.  There has to be so many things going through her head...
I had just that pleasure last week when I met Luke Tyler and his Mama, Jennifer!

Luke is a polite, hard-working, graduating senior-The Tyler family [who definitely can see past 18] has every reason to be proud!

Check out the rest of Luke's GALLERY on my website.

Luke and Jennifer, Thank you for such a great afternoon!

Let's do this y'all,



  1. You are so stinking good girl!! I can't wait to see how your Senior business grows and blossoms!! So proud of you and all you do!!